I enjoy problem solving, and in post-production that means workflow.

If you have a bizarre project editing in 5 different locations, a cut in premier you need into Avid, or simply want advice on a cost-effective workflow for processing hundreds of hours of footage, feel free to reachout. 


Past Clients:

HBO Digital Media Department

  • Part of team which authored standards for 4K workflow and preservation standards
  • Advised production teams on digital workflow and emerging technology

HBO Documentary Films

  • Created seamless transition for multiple teams from standalone systems to HBO enterprise Avid ISIS workflow
  • Advised on moving ingestion to enterprise class transcoding systems
  • Built remote streaming system to seamlessly work from New York to Pakistan
  • Determined best methods for ingesting legacy media and archival, from proxy to finishing

ABC News

  • Transitioned ABC news from tape-based workflow to file-based editorial
  • Media-managed ingestion servicing over 40 edit suites 24/7
  • Implemented enterprise class level transcoding via simple file-drop system

Charlotte Street Films

  • Advised on management for 600 hours of production footage for seamless conform
  • Constructed efficient dailies creation workflow
  • Moved standalone systems to Terra Block server for 12 edit system workflow

Lincoln Square Studios

  • Part of start-up team that built ABC's in-house production studio for off-brand content
  • Created workflow for seamless shooting through finishing production
  • Worked with ABC Network's engineer team to advance technology to handle narrative based editorial in-house

iDeal Films

  • Conformed previously locked film from Premiere to Avid for edit, ensuring proper linking to dailies and master footage

McGee Media

  • Organized and managed 400 hours of production and archival footage for remote edit
  • Built organized server file directory for working with multiple editors and graphics
  • Conformed 90 minute mixed format documentary

Baby Mugs Films

  • Designed and implemented system for remote dailies creation and editing
  • Set up remote output from Avid to stream seamlessly from New York to Los Angeles